Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Day 9

Remember if you or know someone in need of help and resources, call 1-800-799-7233,  1.800.787.3224 (TTY) or visit the website www.safe4all.org.

 Domestic Violence/ Intimate Partner Violence affects any1 anywhere @anytime.

  A woman I indirectly know grew up in the same neighborhood as I did at different times years apart lost her daughter to domestic violence. I will spare you the gory details on how she was killed, but no matter how you look at it domestic violence/ intimate partner violence affects any1 anywhere @anytime.

This woman and I became "friends" on a social networking site after I reached out to her. I sent her virtual hugs and let her know I was there for her as I understood. The story broke at a time I was taking a family law class where this was a topic of a few discussions. I had begun to share my story with others. First in an article I wrote, then out loud with my classes and then eventually to anyone who would listen.

And they did listen. They asked questions too. I felt compelled to keep on talking and putting my story out there. I just did not know what would be the best platform. I thought about a blog, a website or a Facebook page. None seemed right at the time.

A class I am taking this semester is Global Feminism. We are required to start an activist project in an area of which we are most passionate about. I guess by now you would be correct if you assumed domestic violence awareness.We have guidelines to follow, but the manner in which we present it was our choice.

I started a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DomesticVIolenceAffectsEvery1 that allows me to do that and much more. I post resources I think may be helpful and highlight legislative initiatives, policy efforts all aimed to benefit survivors. I also share my story there and here hoping to encourage others to share theirs as well.

Putting a face on domestic violence is very important as for so long this was considered a private matter between the husband and wife. We now (hopefully) evolved to realize domestic violence is not just something occurs in marriage. It is also a crime and should treated under the law the same way assault from a stranger is.

We have a long way to go, especially in educating our youngsters that violence is not a way to solve problems. Nor is it right to be subjected to someone else's abuse. It is imperative we let the abused know there is help, just as we let the abusers know they wont be able to get away with their actions.

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