Saturday, December 31, 2011

MY 2012 To Do List

Like some, I too make resolutions for the upcoming new year, however, I do not call them that or pinpoint an exact date to fulfill them. I simply make a written list of all the things I want to do and if I am able to, even better.

For 2012, I decided to list the 12 things I wish to accomplish within the year. Lucky for me, I will have one extra day as it's a Leap Year....which begs the question for those born on February 29th do they age every four years too?

I would love to hear of your resolutions or whatever you call them and see how you fare throughout the year. Please feel free to become a follower of my blog (

1. Pick a randomly a baseball-themed book a month. Suggestions welcomed.
(Currently reading, Shades of Glory: The Negro Leagues and the Story of African American Baseball by Lawrence D. Hogan)

2. Join a knitting group.
(There's one that meets weekly in a neighboring town.

3. Volunteer in my community or vicinity.
(I am thinking either at the library or historical society, senior center or domestic violence agency)

4. Start and maintain a website that showcase my forays in photography.
(Be sure to look for an invite to visit once it's up)

5. Visit every minor/independent baseball league in my state at least once.
(I have already been two: ( and

6. Visit a beach or two.
(The southern part of this state is known for them

7. Visit a few museums such as the one in my state's capitol, catch one of many free performances on my campus, beginning at and

8.Begin writing my memoir, or the play that's been in my head for ages.
(There's a writing group in the next town's library.

9. Cook at least one meal a month of a culture I have yet to try....or at least visit an eatery that would do the same and I wont have a kitchen to clean afterward.
(The town where I go to school offers an array that can be found here

10. Hop on my bike/the train to nowhere in particular, get off and explore.
(I already do this often, as I do not know how or wish to drive)

11. Organize my closets and donate the stuff that I never ever use.
(Anyone wear a 7.5 shoe?)

12. Learn a new language.
(Polish, Swahili and American Sign Language are on my list)

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