Monday, October 10, 2011

World Mental Health Day

I blog for World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day and in the United States is also the day honoring Christopher Columbus. Some idolize, others despise him. I have grown to accept this man's actions through a diverse network of friends from all different backgrounds and cultures that went beyond what school books have taught me. Their stories are not much different than everyone else but unique in that they provide one that's enriched deep in tradition with a twist. How you ask?

If we stay in our positions for too long, we grow stagnant, much like when we're afflicted with emotional difficulties. If we let it overtake us we feel helpless looking at every situation as hopeless. For me, life has presented crappy moments what felt like eons with no way out but down. Through support on professional and informal levels, I like Columbus and my friends found a way to navigate myself in a world both foreign and waiting for our contributions.

My blog, the one that you're reading now) shares these experiences because I believe we all need encouragement and empowerment especially from ones who traveled the path. Everyday is a new day. It's waiting for us to explore it in and out as we grow and move forward in search of whatever we are looking for.

For me, I have already charted my course, and left a place I have known all my life for somewhere new. It was a bold and courageous move, being that I knew turning around would not be an option. It has been almost a year now and a decision I do not regret making. I have found that my soul and psyche are at peace in a way as never before. I owe this to the supports I have in place and being in control.

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