Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring's (finally) Here

In the last few days, I have managed to force myself out of my apartment, despite the daily and incessant fatigued feeling that ravages over me. It was a productive week. Beginning with the exploration of a new town here in the county I live. I was bummed I did not have my camera to photograph the town of Caldwell as I walked along the main avenue and came across the birthplace of President Grover Cleveland, the First Presbyterian church his father served as the pastor of and several Mom and Pop stores. I made an obligatory stop at their library and browsed their collections, viewed their display of the then and now which was quite fascinating, and checked in on Facebook. A much better visited library than the one I previously posted about.

Later that afternoon, I took the bus to Montclair. First stop was get lunch for a slice of pizza at Villa Victoria Pizzeria on Park Street at I must admit the best I have had in NJ so far. I have already tried at least five places and not impressed. Afterward I headed to Montclair State University's Transfer Open House. I had considered walking but I decided against as it was over four miles away and did not believe I would have been able to endure it so soon. Looks like I know where I mostly likely will be pursuing my bachelor's beginning in this fall. The fact I would not have to repeat math is the most appealing, the least is that my first semester will probably require me to take out a loan as I wont meet the residency requirement until next spring.

The following day I stayed home as the rain kept me inside, but I managed to get the house cleaned again and search online for other upcoming activities to partake in. Was elated to find out that the weather on Friday would be in the 70s. Celebrating my 25% Irishness, I spent the afternoon in downtown Newark watching the St. Patrick's Day parade-my first ever. As I sat there, I reflected on a week that wasn't as stressful as all the others have been and it made a huge impact on my energy levels. I also thought about my interest in beginning an indoor garden.

When I arrived home, my son and I took a walk through the park in search of basketball court but found none. This is a shame as he really likes and is really good at playing. After an ice cream stop, we headed over to the store and picked up seeds, soil and the flower pots. This Saturday morning I planted them in hopes that an array of flowers and herbs will sprout and blossom in the way I have over the last six months when I crossed one river to another.

I am anticipating a busy and diverse week filled with activities. Beginning with Sunday's trip to the Prudential Center to view WWE's event, a town hall meeting with the governor who I also suspect will one day be in the White House, volunteering and partaking in the activities at the Go Newark's HoopFest, and the start of a sign language class I signed up for.


  1. Most interesting is the reference to the ways you've grown as symbolized by the plant seeds you've decided to nurture. Keep moving the way forward!

  2. You are doing all you must to stay strong. Keep it up. Hoping good things come your way.